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Science runs on curiosity. Without it, disease would never be cured. Fear would never be conquered. Or convention ever challenged. At LabTV, we're engaging young medical researchers to inspire students to embrace their curiosity, their passion and their desire to help. To become scientists. And in turn, become the inspiration for the next generation of curiosity seekers. Are you curious?

About LabTV

LabTV will inspire millions of today's students to think about becoming tomorrow's heroes of medical research.

America needs more of our best and brightest students to take part in the greatest adventure of our time: medical research. To join the quest to "crack the code" of health and illness, and improve the health of 7 billion people around the globe.

Unfortunately, most young people don't know any scientists personally. And they never see any young, working scientists in the media. So today's students rarely think about joining the team. LabTV is going to change that.

In cooperation with U.S. National Institutes of Health, we're sending amateur and professional filmmakers to 65,000 research labs across America. LabTV filmmakers are creating short video profiles of tens of thousands of young scientists. Our goal is to help students find role models they can identify with - young scientists who are people just like themselves, and who share their dreams and passion.

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Download our brochure. Visit YouTube channel.

Are you a filmmaker that wants to be involved? More information for Students and Professionals.

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Student Filmmakers

Great opportunity to gain experience

LabTV is seeking student filmmaker/reporters at universities across the country to create video profiles of young medical researchers working in laboratories on their campuses. LabTV is a great opportunity for a student filmmaker because:

  1. Your video will get exposure on LabTV to audiences from around the world
  2. You can win prizes in our contest (see details above)
  3. You will get to work with Peabody Award-winner David Hoffman
  4. You can make a difference by inspiring someone to look for cures
What we are creating

Each video profile can be between 2-7 minutes and should present a young lab researcher (a graduate student or postdoctoral student under the age of 40). Your selected researcher(s) will be working in a lab on your campus. Each video should consist of an interview (an informal conversation) with a researcher mixed with cutaways and additional scenes to create a dynamic story about the individual - why they became researchers, what motivates them, their challenges, life outside the lab, etc.

Download the Student Filmmaker Guidelines here.

Great Opportunity
for Professional Videographers

How LabTV can grow your business

Pharmaceutical companies and other institutions who want to host their young scientists on LabTV turn to LabTV for recommendations on videographers they should hire to create these videos. LabTV can only recommend videographers that are LabTV Certified for Filming NIH Federally Funded Labs. (Learn more about LabTV Certification benefits here.)

How to become LabTV Certified

Becoming LabTV Certified is easy and can be done in a single day that fits your schedule.

  1. Start by filling out our videographers form and reviewing the professional video guidelines.
  2. Our team will find you a medical research lab in your area.
  3. At a mutually agreed upon time, you will visit the lab and create video profiles of two or more of their medical researchers.
  4. You will then edit the videos to fit the LabTV video profile template. Visit the LabTV YouTube channel for examples.
  5. Once finished, submit them to our executive producer David Hoffman via Dropbox.com by inviting david@labtv.com.

That's it. Once your video profiles have been accepted, and you take a very short open-book test about the NIH, you will become LabTV Certified. This certification will make you eligible for future job opportunities from companies that do medical research who contact LabTV about needing a videographer to interview their young scientists.