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Curiosity. It is our natural desire to take the journey into the unknown. At LabTV, we like curiosity and where it will lead us. Are you curious?

Curious Is Good

Science runs on curiosity. It’s why all scientists are curious. They are modern-day adventurers, seeking answers to important questions.
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LabTV is a curiosity platform. We bring together the curious leaders of today (scientists) with the adventurers of tomorrow (you). It’s a curiosity jamboree.
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Curious Is Nearby

The curious are closer than you think. LabTV helps you find curious scientists who are solving mysteries that touch the health of all our loved ones.  

Curious Explores

Exploration is the active verb of curiosity. Exploration turns “why” into “let’s find out.” LabTV lets you explore the explorers, setting your curiosity free to roam where it will.