"What if young medical researchers could inspire more of our best students to follow in their footsteps?”

Most of us choose careers we are familiar with...but very few people have ever seen a medical researcher at work. What do they do? What is their day like? How did they enter this field? The nature of research means most people never get to meet any medical scientists or get any insight into their lives.

At LabTV, we believe that if students can personally identify with a young medical researcher, they are far more likely to consider becoming one. We want to help students and the interested public get to know young medical scientists and engineers (age 40 and under) with whom they share many traits.

That’s why our network features over 1,000 researchers working at dozens of leading universities, corporations, and the National Institutes of Health. Our content is growing every week! In our videos and interviews, medical researchers tell their inspiring personal stories: where they came from, how they chose their career, and why they love it. We also encourage our viewers to reach out to those researchers with questions and support.

LabTV filmmakers and journalists spotlight researchers from many of the world’s leading universities, government labs, and corporations – people and places on the forefront of a growing revolution in healthcare and technology.

LabTV is working to inspire the next generation of great young scientists who can help "crack the code" of health and disease...for all of us.

– The LabTV Team



Evan Walker

Evan is an entrepreneur and marketer, with experience working for and leading several startup teams across a variety of industries. Prior to LabTV, Evan worked on the marketing team at TEDMED, and was part of the invention team at Walker Digital, a privately held business systems R&D lab.
David Hoffman
Executive Producer

David is an Emmy Award-winning veteran documentary filmmaker who has made 5 feature documentaries and hundreds of television documentaries and series for PBS, Discovery, Turner Broadcasting, A&E, and The History Channel, among others. He often lectures on college campuses on documentary production, including at the Columbia School of Journalism.
Jay Walker
Jay, a serial entrepreneur, is best known as the founder of Priceline.com. He has started three companies each with more than 50 million customers. He is also one of the world’s most prolific inventors, 11th on the list of the most patented living inventors worldwide. Currently, Jay is the curator of TEDMED and the executive chairman of Patent Properties. Mr. Walker is also an active member of The President’s Circle of the National Academies, The Atlantic Council, and the non-profit TED.