Whitehead Institute


R&D Budget

$55 million


Number of Labs



Number of Scientists


Who we are:
The Whitehead Institute is a world-renowned, non-profit research institute focused on foundational biomedical research. For three decades the Whitehead Institute has expanded human understanding and enriched our knowledge of Alzheimer's Disease, Parkinson's Disease, diabetes, and cancer.
What we do:
The Whitehead Institute offers space and resources for a select number of leading scientists to conduct basic research on the workings of the human body. The pioneering research at Whitehead aims to answer fundamental questions in biology and medicine.
Why young
scientists are
important to us:
The culture at the Whitehead Institute is one of support and collaboration. This spirit, along with the caliber of personnel and resources available, have lifted Whitehead to the forefront of medical research. The collegial faculty at Whitehead contribute a disproportionate number of seminal papers and studies to the biomedical community, and they credit their collaborative environment in part for this.
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